Welcome to the Christmas Card Project

A little early to think about Christmas cards, you say?  Not for us. 


Once again we are working with the APFS (Art Projects for Schools) offering parents a chance to have your Christmas Cards designed by your own child.  This is a very popular project as it makes the cards that much more personal and special.  It also helps us raise funds for the pre-school, so everyone benefits!


During October, all children will be asked to make a Christmas card design at the pre-school.  It can be a drawing, painting, collage or a simple colouring in picture.  This will be sent to you with an order form where you can choose if you want to get the design professionally printed into a Christmas card or not.


If you would like to get the artwork printed, you must complete the order form and return it (with the design) to the preschool no later than 24th October (the following week is half term).  The printed cards will be dispatched to the pre-school on 18th November. It is that simple!


If you prefer to do the card at home together with your child, just ensure the form, design and payment is returned to us by the 24th.  There are just a few rules that you must follow:


·        Artworks must be created on white or coloured paper and must be A4 in size (portrait or landscape)

·        Bold colours and collages work well

·        Please do not use pearlised paint

·        Metallic or light reflective materials (foil, highlighter pen, glitter) will not be accepted

·        Avoid black backgrounds as they do not reproduce well

·        Please DO NOT place artworks into plastic wallets

·        Artworks can be completed at home and brought into school with their brother's or sister's artwork (Additional order forms are available upon request)


So before you buy your Christmas cards this year……….think about getting it designed by your child.


If you want to find out more about the APFS visit www.apfs.org.uk

Want to apply for a place? Please complete the application form and remember to pay the £20 registration fee.

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Joining the pre-school? Download our Welcome Pack for some useful information.

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