Our Funding

Like all charities we take funding very seriously - it is hard to get and even harder deciding what to spend it on.


Our core funding comes from our Fees and Southwark Council.  Both are used in the general running of the pre-school which is why we work hard in raising additional funds.  Our yearly events, such as Pumpkin Party, our cake sales, and ad hoc fundraising activities help a lot which is why we always hope for high attendance and support from parents.


Additional funds raised in 2013 have been allocated towards a number of different things.  We updated some of our equipment, and most notably invested in an LCD screen (with the help of some additional funding from Southwark Council).  But that is not where all the money went: 


·        i) We also focused on our partnerships and have since added Theatre Tots to our existing Partners List.



·        ii) We recently booked two Art classes with local artist Shiree Allen.  These are to be structured sessions focused on particular themes (in this case Easter) where children are encouraged to explore their creativity using different techniques and tools.  If successful, we will look at booking further sessions in the future.



          iii) In addition, we are in talks with the educational section of London Wildlife Trust - a charity that also offers outdoor learning for schools.  We are hoping to agree a visit in the summer in order to maximise our fantastic outdoor space.  Again, further sessions would follow if successful, with possible topics such as plants and animals in the environment as options to consider.



Last but not least, there is our staff: we are also investing in them.  Their dedication and commitment are always noticed and we are currently researching training courses to complement and enhance their skills.


All these things cost money, and we hope to have enough to do all we want, so we will continue to fundraise and invest in ourselves.  We just ask that you keep supporting us in any way that  you can: coming to our Pumpkin Party, buying our cupcakes, ordering our Christmas cards, taking part in a raffle - it all helps.




Want to apply for a place? Please complete the application form and remember to pay the £20 registration fee.

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