2016 Questionnaire: Our Findings

Thank you to all the parents that completed the Questionnaire. 


As always, the results were really informative - a great way to find out what we are doing well and what can be improved upon.


Here is what you told us;


  • 99% of parents ticked strongly agree or agree to all questions


  • 100% of Parents said they would recommend us.



Here are some of the reasons why:


My daughter developed some lovely friendships at DVPS and we are sad that her time at DVPS has come to an end (she is starting big school)



Very friendly staff, the environment and surroundings of the preschool are lovely – like being in the countryside!  Just a very warm and welcoming atmosphere.


Lovely that they organise Easter Egg Hunts and Christmas Plays.  Lots of effort but lots of fun for children



Our daughter has had an extremely positive experience at DVPS. She has loved going every day.  The staff are very friendly and caring and provide lots of different fun and interesting activities.  We really appreciate all their effort and hard work.



Good balance between play and learning.  My daughter really enjoys it

 The array of activities for the kids to do, the outside space, the external practitioners that visit to do musical bumps, rugby, etc.



Definitely the staff / As individuals as the (kids), the relationship between them is wonderful, just like a big family and a positive experience to see.  The kids thrive and learn happily.



My daughter loves the preschool.  I am really pleased that she gets to spend time in such a green environment with plenty of space to play outdoors.  I’ve always been impressed with the positive environment, the way that children are encouraged to build their independence and individuality, and the fact that discipline never seems to be an issue.  We will both be sad when she has to move on.



The staff are very nurturing, I like that an effort is made to celebrate events such as Christmas and Easter.  The activities are good.  We were happy when my child was taken out for a walk in the surroundings.  The outdoor spaces are fabulous.  The rugby sessions are great.


Moving Forwards

1) We have been asked to look at more music sessions for the children.  We agree that we should continue to offer these so we will research new possible partners to provide this service.


2) Parents want more messy play!!  Again, we have spoken to Pam and we will implement an Art Week for the children focusing on painting, model making and using new materias such as play doh or modelling clay.  Art Week will will be added to our list of regular activities such as Cooking Week.


3) Children's progress is a popular topic amongst parents – and for good reason.  This same subject was raised in last year’s questionnaire and because of it, we undertook a review of our existing reporting processes.

This year, the questionnaire brought up this topic again, so we feel it is important to reiterate the changes we have made to date. 

We now have two End of Term Progress Reviews (one in November and another in February) as well as an additional Review Meeting at the end of the summer term.  A Final Transition Report Meeting is also held when your child leaves – copies of these are sent to parents.


For further information regarding our report processes, click here.


We are happy to discuss progress further and encourage parents to approach our staff to organise a one on one chat.

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