Reporting your child's progress

All parents want to be made aware how their child is progressing throughout their time at Pre-school. 

At Dulwich Village Pre-school we have in place a number of meetings and reports which we believe give parents a good understanding of how their child is progressing;

1) Once your child starts with us there is an initial period of assessment which takes approximately 6 weeks to complete.  After this time a Review Meeting is arranged to discuss and set targets for your child.

This is a face to face meeting held between parents and their child’s Key Person. 


2) At the end of November an End of Term Progress Review is handed out to all parents.  These are Paper Reviews with information on how each child is fairing against the targets set earlier.  General feedback is provided against all seven EYFS areas of learning, as well as anecdotal information about your child.


3) A second End of Term Progress Review is handed out during the Spring Term (end of February) with updated information.


If parents have any concerns, please contact us to make an appointment with your child’s key person.

4) Lastly, a further Review Meeting is held at the end of the Summer Term for all children.

If your child is leaving to go to Reception, a Transition Report Meeting is held instead – where a more targeted discussion takes place.

If your child is staying on further, a Review Meeting is held as before.  Both meetings are face to face with your child’s Key Person.

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