The Chicks have arrived

They are here.  A total of 10 eggs are being kept nice and warm in our very own incubator.

The children have been very excited with their arrival, and there were lots of suggestions when it came to naming each egg.  In the end we wrote them all down.


Name suggestions are as follows; ‘Arthur’, ‘Sparkle’, ‘Sophia’, ‘Walky Talky’, Farrah’, ‘Mouse’, ‘Cowboy Hat’, Biscuit’, ‘Cayden’, ‘Nala’, ‘Jon Jon’, ‘Chick’, ‘Tommy’, ‘Henny’, ‘Sparkle 2’, and ‘Forky’.


The Incubator Project will inform a lot of the learnings during this term.  A designated area has been set up where the children can see the eggs and explore other themes such as egg hatching, farm life, caring for animals, new life, growth and development, counting chicks, cooking eggs, farm sounds, and more!


The children were inspired, and there has already been some great artwork created!





Coffee Morning

If you can, join us on 11th March, 9.45am.

It's our first Coffee Morning of the year, and a good chance to meet new parents and catch up with the ones you already know.

We are also raising money for Comic Relief so cake donations are welcome.





New Rug

We are getting some new equipment.

The new rug is just the beginning, but already such a success!  The children love finding their name letters and counting the spots on the back on the ladybugs.

But the most surprising thing is how they all like to take their socks and shoes off to feel how soft it is......

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