Tell us a story

During one of our reading sessions, whilst getting to the end of the book, we realised that the last page was missing…..


.........and we decided to use it to our advantage.


We asked the children to come up with their own ending – resulting in great new endings to a fairly simple tale. We then talked about the structure of stories; the beginning, middle and end and how these rules are followed throughout story telling. 


Since then, lots of stories have been popping up here and there, so do check your book bags in case your child has created her own ‘book.’


We believe this is a great talking point and that parents can use it at home.  Why not try to write a story together? Ask your child to think about what he/she enjoyed doing lately. Could they make a story about it?  See if you can help them structure the story, and encourage them to tell you as much detail about it as possible. 


They won’t be able to write it, but they will be able to draw some of it.  You can help out and write a few lines under each drawing, and soon enough their story will be finished. 


Make sure you read the story together once is finished, or if you want, bring it over at the next drop off – we would love to read it!

Here is a story written by one of our children - enjoy!


(click on the image to expand)

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